About DoodleShots

Hi, my name is Kim. On this page you can learn a little more about me and what makes me tick and how I got passionate about photography.

How it all started…

I first picked up a camera at the age of 5. It was a Postman Pat camera with handles on the side and I fell in love with photography. In those days you either sent your film off to be developed or it was a trip to Boots and a long wait. When the photos were finally ready the anticipation and excitement would rise. It’s a great feeling that I still get, even though the results are more instant.

What I love…

I am a family girl at heart (I changed that from woman as it just sounds too old!….42 can still be girl….right?)…I live in Southend with my husband and daughter. I was married in 2016 in Gretna Green, luckily for me my best friend, Katy, is DoodleShots second shooter. She said it was her most nerve raking wedding yet! I can’t be that particular?…She done a great job. My slideshow is available to watch on the DoodleShots YouTube channel, if subscribe then I can keep you posted with new wedding videos…..anyway I digress.


I was always the arty type at school and rubbish at maths….and P.E… Beth has obviously inherited the arty side as she constantly nags me to set up animation sets or do light painting…I’m digressing again… To be honest with you I don’t really like writing about myself or saying how great I am, I just like to see the beauty (or edge) in all things and try and capture that. So, I have A’levels in Art & Design and a Bachelor of Arts honors degree in digital animation (That’s the ‘I’m clever enough’ bit over and done with) I have been doing portrait photography for several years but I really love wedding photography. Being part of a couples day and capturing the story for them…what a fantastic job! It truly is a privilege.

I still train whenever possible, attending workshops and courses, what there is to learn about photography is never ending and that makes me love it even more!

Why DoodleShots?

My best friend….and second shooter, Katy, who I’ve just mentioned has been my bestie for 25 years now so we know how each other think and she knows what kind of feel we want to achieve for each individual client. Anyhoo…Katy’s dad used to call me Kimmy Doodles since the age of 11, due to me being arty I suppose?…actually, maybe I should ask him?… Anyway, it just stuck. People have said it’s not professional enough for a proper business name. I love it when people say things like that…It doesn’t bring out my stubborn side at all. I’ve waffled on for far too long for someone who doesn’t like waffling on about themselves, please take a look at the images on the website, I hope you like the DoodleShots style. If you do then please get in touch, we are only to happy to answer any questions or have a chat.


Kim Gunn Owner of DoodleShots with Dave the Chihuahua